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The Mix Tape*


So, I’ve been thinking.

Volunteering in a high school means that I am around teenagers. A lot. I see them head bopping on the front steps with their boom boxes like it’s 1989 (no, really. I kid you not), loitering against lockers in herds so big you can barely walk past them, and I see them.

You know, those dreamy-eyed, hand-holding, puppy-lovish teenage couples that stroll down the hallway– completely oblivious of the world around them. The ones who trace each others fingers on table tops, who dress to match each other and pass each other notes between periods because, like seriously, seventy minutes is like, way to long to be apart.


Sound familiar? (yeeeeah… that was totally me, too. *sigh*)

Every time I see a young couple giggling down the hallway it takes me back to my own high school days and my own great high school romance. We were the unlikely couple–he was a big shot on the basketball team, I was the drama girl. He was the popular funny guy that everyone loved, I was the new girl. He was tall, I was not. Get the picture? haha

I met him shortly before I transferred to the school, and hooooo boy. I liked him immediately but, in typical high school fashion, it took us nearly 5 months to begin dating. We communicated the way all teenagers did–through our best friends, through letters and through romantic music mixes.

I first learned the magic of the mix tape through my older sister who had several boyfriends as I grew up. These boys liked to make her tapes to express their feelings because really, who actually talks about that stuff?


Long before the days of iTunes or downloading music making the perfect mix tape was an art. You had to watch the timing, rewind and fast forward manually, and, if you needed a song you didn’t have you waited patiently by the radio during the request shows for your song to come on so you could catch it! Pressing that record button at the right time was always so tricky, but the end result was always so worth it.

Why should I say “I Love You” when Celine Dion says it so much better?

By the time I was old enough to realize that my little brothers were the only boys that had cooties and start dating we had progressed to the Mixed CD. It was a much simpler process than it’s taped predecessor, and the half hour it took to burn a  CD seemed like nothing compared to the hours one spent perfecting the tape and writing the songs on the back of the cassette case.

It was the perfect way to talk to your boy toy… N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys always knew how to say what I was feeling. Have a crush? Make a mixed CD. Get in a fight? Make a mixed CD.  Ready to tell that special someone how you feel? Billy Joel and Elvis Presley would be happy to tell them for you!

*sigh* Now that was love. Pouring your heart into the *perfect* CD that would say exactly what you “couldn’t”.


As I was watching these giggly couples make their way down the hall and reflected on my own high school experience I got to thinking: how on earth do these kids communicate now? I’m not even sure that this generation knows what a cassette tape is, and CDs are quickly and quietly disappearing. Are Romantic Mixes a thing of the past? Are these young couples actually talking to each other and using their own *gasp* words?!?! Actually communicating their feelings instead of letting someone else sing it for them?!

What is the world coming to?

What’s next–the Romance Mix Playlist? Pish posh. I think I’ll stick with tapes.

And yes, the Hubster was the recipient of several love cds when we started dating. Ha.

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  • Lasagne

    Haha…I miss mix tapes. I actually found some of my high school mix tapes the other day, and considered making an updated one, just for fun. Then I thought of all the work, and decided against it lol. It does make me sad to see tapes being almost obsolete…I actually had to hunt through second hand stores when all I had was a tape deck in my car. Now I have a CD player and a tape deck, and I'm sad to say that my brother's friend actually asked me what the tape deck part of it was :S *Sigh* What is the world coming to? Lol…this must be what our parents feel like when talking about records (by the way, we still have a record player and all of my parents old records…and once in a while they still are played :) )

  • Miss Gentle Nudge

    First and foremost I must tell you how THRILLED I am that you're back!!!!!! Seriously so happy haha

    Annnnd they probably text rather than talk, in fact, i'm willing to bet money on it!

  • [email protected]

    I loved getting mix tapes and cd's, and making them too! As a high school teacher, I don't see my couples really talking to each other. It seems they communicate through text and facebook more than actual conversations. I wish they communicated more and were more romantic instead of sexual.

  • italiangirl0712

    It's called Text Messaging…laugh. As the mom of a teenage boy with a girlfriend, I can definately say they don't 'talk on the phone', they text, text, text…

  • dearjennymac

    haha..I remember the mix tapes! But any couple that dressed like each other in my high school would have been hazed ruthlessly. LOL.

  • Shop Girl*

    You think the romance is gone? I hadn't really considered that.

    And yes, I'm with you on the facebook bit–it seems like people update their relationship status every other day sometimes.

  • Shop Girl*

    I found mine too!!!!! Actually, my dad did which is what prompted the whole thing.

    And I LOVE records. Love love love. You can't match that sound!