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December: A Recap*

My, my, my… December 29th already? I feel like I’ve been saying that every day this month but I can’t even handle how quickly the days have flown past.

Sooo… December was a little bit of a write off for me. I’m rather ashamed to admit that it’s been more than two weeks since my last post. *sigh* Life passed the busy stage long ago and the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. It’s rather obvious that I haven’t been here, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

Christmas Letters*
Yes, even though I usually have it posted here for you to read by now, I did find time to pump out another edition of The Adventures of The Hubster & Wifester complete with a photo. The photo was actually the hardest part, we ended up having one professionally done and it took forevvvvvvvver to come in. (It didn’t help that I waited 4 months to mail the proofs back… oops!) We had too take a road trip back to Senior’s City to pick them up and I then spent a very busy weekend printing, folding and stuffing letters into envelopes to try and get them out before Christmas!

Despite my crazy schedule for the month, I really didn’t want to let my commitment to “my” students slide before the holidays. It took up what was left of my “free” time, but we took the class to meet Santa, we went Christmas shopping, made cards and had a wonderful holiday party and dinner before they went on break. I love this class!

Holy mother of pearl. I’m not quite sure how my little part-time job managed to completely take over my life in December, but somehow I went from 15 hour weeks to 30+. Don’t get me wrong, a little extra money is never a bad thing over the holidays, but basically, if I was awake, I was working. Today was my first day off (that I didn’t have to officially book off) in, well, I can’t even remember how long. I’m tired.

As any past or present post-secondary student knows, December is known for two things: Christmas and exams. My little no-stress French course that I’ve been taking these past few months suddenly began eating up more of my time as I prepared for a written exam and an oral presentation which determined whether or not I’d pass the course. I’ve written more exams than I can count over the years, but for some reason the whole idea what I needed to do for this course was reeeeally stressful… thankfully it’s over now and I did fine. :)

Another contributor to my MIA-ness were my weekly rehearsals for the Christmas Cantata I participated in this year. Though it wasn’t perfect, I was quite proud of my little choir and was absolutely overwhelmed by the many, many people who came to see our performance. The Hubs and I guesstimate that there were 300 – 400 people in attendance, with even the standing areas completely filled. Mom, Big Dad, Peeah and Princess Pea all came down to see it with the Hubster, and I am so, so grateful for your love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, after all of THAT, I needed a break. I was excited to spend a lazy four days at home over the holidays…

…and then we decided to travel to the Great White North to visit my very cute 94-year-old Grammy instead. Christmas Eve was a whirlwind of family visits, opening gifts and way too much food, and most of Christmas Day was spent in the car as we drove north. It was an absolutely lovely visit “home” though, it just went by much too quickly and there was no time to see everyone I had hoped to. I did manage to reconnect with some close friends from my high school years and that in itself made 7 hour drive worth it. :) It was a fabulous 2 days of visiting with family and friends AND I managed to avoid over-eating. Who even knew that was possible!??!

And that brings me to now… we traveled home on Sunday, the Hubster and I both worked all day yesterday, and I spent the majority of today in the City visiting with Bo Bandy, Star and her man over a very long lunch. It was marvelous, and a much needed respite from the busy-ness of this past month.

I always feel terrible when I neglect my blog because I really do love it… and I’m really, really hoping that January will bring in days with more hours in them so that I can write lovely, inspirational, hilariously funny, witty posts that may in some way match up to the gloriousness of your blogs (which I have been trying to silently keep up with–comments are coming! I promise!).

So, in short, I’M BACK. I have to much to tell you–how Christmas has changed, our Christmas letter, AND it’s time to look back on 2008 and see how I did with my goals… eeek. haha

Sorry I disappeared…. I’ve missed you!

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