Shop Girl Shares*

Shop Girl Shares the state that i am in & Kinetic Wave Scuptures*

So let’s pretend that today is MONDAY and not Tuesday and that I’m not a day late with my Shop Girl Shares post, okay? Okay. :)

Last night I was exhausted after volunteering all morning, coming home to have to quickly do laundry & clean my house before rushing off to work and closing the store and I had a total I’m-so-tired-my-life-is-so-hard-poor-me night. I don’t even like being around myself when that happens, so I went to bed instead of posting. Sorry loves. BUT, I’m here today!

1 – the state that i am in


Meet Erin, an early childhood special education teacher / fabulous blogger (who was also last month’s featured blogger on 20SB!). I started reading Erin’s blog some time ago after learning that she was a fellow teacher, and was immediately struck by her openness and honesty in her writing–which is often about her struggles with infertility. She recently summarized her journey into an “infertility timeline” which shows exactly what she’s dealt with over the past year and a half. My heart goes out to her every day–but while sometimes life gets her down–as it does us all–she remains positive, motivated, and continues her journey with hope. She is a constant inspiration to me and I cannot wait to one day hear her good news!

2 – Kinetic Wave Sculptures


Okay. So I realize that this a little different from what I normally share with you, but it was just SO cool that I had to post it! The Hubster actually gets credit for this find–he saw it and shared it and I just happened to click the link. I have to be honest: art doesn’t usually do anything for me. A beautiful piece of music or a well written piece of work can move me to tears, but I’ve yet to find artwork that has the same effect on me. (Except maybe photography. Maybe.)

Anyway. I digress. In my oh-poor-me state last night I was looking for things to distract myself and I came across this video and I was absolutely mesmerized. If you are not usually a video-watcher, just watch even the first 60 seconds. I want one of these in my house!

Seriously–how cool is that?!

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