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Shop Girl Shares Your Wishcake and There, I Fixed It*

So I’ve spent the last week and half looking forward to tonight. A good friend of mine recently told me that the outrageous fees I pay for a tiny card that says I can be a teacher in Ontario are not all for naught. That magical little card that sits in my wallet gives me discounts or free admission into many, many wonderful attractions across the province.

Ummm… why was I not told this earlier?! Seriously! It changed my life.

As soon as he told me I spent nearly two hours investigating all the things I could do with my magic card and found out that there was a free showing of the new special exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum for teachers–The Dead Sea Scrolls. In case you’ve forgotten, I am a History teacher by trade and I heart museums with much hearting. I love old stuff. And this is really, really really old stuff. (Don’tcha love my technical terms? haha)

Anyway. I’m a teacher. It’s old stuff. It’s free. I was SO excited to go. The Hubster and I were going to trek into the city and go on a date. Sounds lovely, no?

I had to work this morning / this afternoon but I figured I’d be good to go post work. You know, come home, grab a quick dinner and head out. Yeeeeeeah. In theory that was perfect. I didn’t anticipate the massive headache that attacked me around 1pm this afternoon that has yet to dissipate. When I got home I was completely exhausted. I tried to rally myself to be able to go, but I couldn’t even find the energy to make dinner, let alone make myself presentable to attend a teacher function. So sadly, I wimped out… and even though I’m kicking myself, I know it was the right decision. I still feel kinda small. *sigh*

Anyway. It’s Monday and I have things to show you. :)

1) your wishcake

(image found at:

Meet Kerri of ‘your wishcake‘, one of my my very favourite bloggers– you know, the ones that you skim through your readers to find, just in case they’ve posted and you accidentally missed it… for me, that’s this blog. She is 25 years old, happily married and, in her own words, tends to channel Monica Gellar from time to time. To read her writing is really to know her–she is funny, charming and refreshingly open and honest. She confronts her insecurities and, in so many ways, writes the things I wish I could.

She is also quite possibly one of the most creative people I’ve ever “met” and runs a fabulous little Etsy store. Your wishcake is just an all around lovely place to be, and I highly recommend that you stop by. You won’t be sorry. ;)

#2 – There, I Fixed It

(image found at:

I grew up in a house with a fixer-upper father. Big Dad is one handy guy and always found ingenious ways to fix whatever we children destroyed (except my poor Barbie’s ‘pancake’ hands… our dog mangled those beyond repair on a regular basis. haha). Mind you, he has a knack for fixing things so it isn’t often blatantly obvious that a repair has been made, so his work would not likely appear on the magical site that is There, I fixed it. It’s sort of like the Fail Blog, but it’s completely focused on… interesting… attempts at fixing things. The the seat on the motorcycle up there… or the awesome Lego computer stand (scroll down a bit). If you’re ever feeling bad about a botched fix-up job, this site will always, always make you feel better. haha

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