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Shop Girl Shares Kyla Roma & Shh! Don’t Tell Steve*

Have you noticed how much shorter the days are becoming? The calender tells me that it’s almost October, but I somehow can’t believe it.

Anyhoo, it’s a cold, drizzly dark night out there–perfect for curling up at my desk with a little Tony Bennett and a cup of hot chocolate to write. I needed to take a bit of a break from my homework anyway. Speaking of which, did I mention that I’ve gone back to school? (Sort of.) It was a completely spur of the moment decision at the suggestion of my father-in-law, so I’ve begun taking a class every Thursday evening to learn French. I’ve always wanted to speak it, and it’s time I face reality–if I want a teaching position any time soon, this is what I need to do. My goal is to take the Ontario French Language proficiency test next summer if I can swing it. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I need this. I’ll keep you posted (perhaps I’ll just start writing en français! haha).

Well lovelies, it’s Monday again! The weeks are just flying by, aren’t they? This is already my 12th “share”, and I’m rather excited about it. :)

#1 – Kyla Roma

(image found at:

Meet Kyla–one of the most fabulous writers I have on my ever-growing blog roll. Kyla is a 24-year old creative gem living in a fabulous old house in the Canadian prairies. Her about page reads:

Kyla Roma is a twenty four year old girl living in the Canadian Prairies. She is a thrift shopping addict, black tea aficionado, crafty lady, and wife. At any given time she can be found cuddling her puppies (Ash & Mal), listening to podcasts, working with Mister on their 100 year old home, or reading books from the library.

Her writing is honest, heart-warming and real–she writes in a way that you can taste and smell her creations in the kitchen (she makes jam. I think she may be wonder woman.), experience her joys and heartaches with her and really just make you wish you were her real life neighbour. Really, her blog is a little slice of sunshine on a cloudy day. :)

#2 – Shh! Don’t Tell Steve

I actually think it’s rather hilarious how quickly the public opinion of Twitter has shifted in the last six months. I joined sometime over the winter and I have always loved it as it’s one of my favourite ways to keep up with some of my favourite bloggers and get to know them a bit outside of their blog posts. For a while no one really had it, in fact some of my friends mocked me for being on it. haha! Then all of a sudden–almost overnight–it’s become the new big thing and everyone and their mother has a Twitter account. (except my mom, she’s still holding out. WOO)

I typically only follow bloggers I “know” and read and a few major news sites, and I’m proud to say that I don’t stalk a single celebrity on there. (If I did, it would be Ellen. I heart Ellen.) The only person that doesn’t really fit into either of those two categories is Shh! Don’t Tell Steve. I can’t quite remember how I first heard about it, but basically this anonymous guy is tweeting all about his roommate Steve’s every movements. Think Truman Show in Twitter form. Steve is, well… a guy. He has many not so bright moments (through the eyes of the roommate) and many one-liners that have made Steve a mini-celebrity but he doesn’t even know it… or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe. We read what Steve eats. We learn when Steve sleeps. We follow Steve’s budding relationship with Burrito Girl (aka BG).

At first I thought it was hilarious. Steve would certainly make for an interesting roommate and perhaps this is his roommates way of dealing with his Steve-isms. We all need an outlet, right?

Then I thought, “If this is real, what if I was Steve?” If I ever found out that someone close to me was publicly announcing my every move and thought how would I feel? Steve might not care, but I know I would.

Then I thought, “What about Burrito Girl?”. If I was her I’d be mortified… a) Burrito Girl is not a terribly flattering nickname (she works at some Burrito Place, hence the name) although the roommate does write quite favorably of her; and b) there are always sides to our significant others that we don’t need to see all the time. If she ever found this page I can’t help but wonder if she’d still want to date Steve? Should she know? Is it better that she doesn’t?

Now that I’ve gone all deep a little bit of the humor is lost on me. What do you think? Is it simply funny, or are lines being crossed?

And who is your favourite person to follow on Twitter?

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