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Shop Girl Shares How to Not Dress Like a Mom & Children of the 90’s

I. am. tired.

It has been a very long, very tiring, very exhausting day. We have some big news coming that I won’t share now, but be excited. :) As I was cleaning up the kitchen I realized that it’s Monday and I only have an hour and a bit to post this week’s fabulous shares, so here we go!

#1 – How to Not Dress Like a Mom

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We’ve all seen them– the “Mommy Clothes”. Mommy jeans, mommy shirts, mommy sandals… there’s a whole line. Above you see an example of a typical “mommy sandal” worn by women who need a little more Stacey and Clinton in their lives. Anyway, I digress. How to Not Dress Like a Mom is a cute blog by a self-proclaimed “naturally judgmental” bystander offering free fashion tips and advice. I love her blog–I think it’s cute, and her writing makes me want to take pride in the way I look every time I leave my house. Check’er out, I think she’s faboosh!

#2 – Children of the 90’s

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LOVE. That’s pretty much the best way for me to describe this blog (and my residual feelings for JTT… my inner 12 year old is still swooning). Children of the 90’s is a collection of music, books, movies, TV shows, clothing styles–you name it–all from the fabulous 90’s! If you’re like me and love looking back on your past, this blog is like walking back to a time where it’s still cool to wear your overalls with one strap done up and R.L. Stine books still reign supreme. Pretty much it’s the best thing ever. What is your favourite memory from the 90’s?

So there you have it my lovelies–thanks again for your input on my poll and for continuously coming back for more. I’m sorry this post is a little short, my brain is completely fried and I start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck!! :)

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