My thoughts*,  Exciting News*

An Announcement! Exciting!

Oh, my lovely friends and readers…

In my last post I shared two fabulous blogs that most of you somehow missed due to a tiny announcement I made that we had some exciting news to share later this week. It has been less than 24 hours since I made that announcement, and in that I time I have received multiple emails and facebook messages all asking the same thing:

“…are you pregnant?!”


“You’re pregnant. It HAS to be that.”

I promise you, it doesn’t have to be that. We could be moving! I could be undergoing major surgery! I could have finally beaten Donkey Kong (on Super NES, obvs)! I could have eaten chocolate! We could be making a major purchase! I could have stalked met JTT! (Jill Pilgrim, you are my new hero.) I could have found an amazing shoe sale! I could have a job! (Oh, how I wish I had a teaching job. haha) I could have bought a house hippo!

(I choose to end each statement with an exclamation point to stress excitement. It’s an announcement! Exciting!)

I could have a fabulous blog post I want to write! I could have found my long-lost Hammer Pants! I could finally own the 10th anniversary DVD edition of Les Miserables! (*Hint, hint* Christmas is coming!!! HOO HAH) The Hubster could reveal that he’s secretly a vampire! I could have read a fabulous book!

See? It could be lots of things. Patience, my lovelies. Patience. :)

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