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Hi lovelies. :)

I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise. It’s just been a reeeally busy couple of days. I am currently writing to you from my parent’s kitchen table in B-Town as I’m up visiting for the weekend. I’ve been planning a baby shower for my sister (Peeah) for the past couple of months and today is the big day! We have nearly 30 people coming so it should be quite the party. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures so you can pretend you’re partying with Peeah and Pipes (her baby is apparently quite the mover in her belly). The Hubster is back home guarding our house / eating all the peanut butter cookies I made last week. haha

I love planning parties… event planning was actually my back up plan if teacher’s college didn’t pan out. I don’t regret choosing TC for a second, but I still love organizing things like this. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a wedding planner (and a hair stylist) and may still give in to that urge one day. In the meantime, I do this.

Momma and I did an obscene amount of shopping yesterday as we got everything we needed for the shower. I am absolutely positive that there is going to be WAY too much food and we’ll have to roll everyone out after eating way too much, but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. haha!

I’m trying a new venture in the kitchen today–chocolate dipped strawberries. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, leave it to me to not be satisfied with regular dipped strawberries, I want to try making tuxedo strawberries, and a couple of other designs I saw. I’m reeeeeally excited to try it and if it turns out I’ll post picture and instructions on how to do it yourself! Be excited.

Well dearies, I’m need to get back to work. There are prizes to organize, strawberries to make and houses to clean.

For all you Americans out there, have a freaking amazing Independence Day! WOO!

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