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I have spent the entire weekend fighting with my blog. Here’s the scoop–I’m bored. I’ve changed my background / template several times in the past year because I still haven’t found one that I feel is really… me. I would love to have one custom made, but I’m poor and not working and probably can’t afford it. Sooo… I have been trying to find a semi-decent free one that can tide me over until then.

I found one that I thought was kinda cute, but it has been driving me nuts since I put it on. Sometimes the images work, sometimes they don’t. They appear to be working today when I view my blog in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. Bizarre, no? So if you could please just tell me if you can see them, that would be great!!

Can you see any images in my header / template, or is it just a big white box??

Pick one:
I can see them!
Sorry, I only see the white.
They were there the first time, but now they are gone. free polls


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