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I feel like I just signed my entire life away. haha

Today I attempted to be productive and spent the entire afternoon updating my license and health card information with our new address (but I still have to go in for the new picture… ugh), completing my passport application and fixing up the ol’ summer job résumé. I found a job that I reeeeeeally want right across the street. I think it’s destiny. I shall apply for said job tomorrow.

It’s a secretarial job at a medical office which means sweet hours — no evenings or weekends — and a professional work environment (no more mothers coming in with all 17 of their children expecting to have exactly the shoes they want in every size… I used to work in a shoe store, can you tell? ha). Keep your fingers crossed for me, dearies! I want it! haha

As I was reading the job description I saw that a requirement was to be able to type 41 – 60 words per minute. I’m a pretty decent “typer” but I wasn’t entirely sure of my typing speed so I decided to look up an online program to test my skill. The Hubster came in as I was starting and sat with me during my first go. The program I found was really hard for me… it was just a sequence of random words in a nonsensical order.

I got only 62 wpm (words per minute)… I thought I was better than that! So, the Hubster decided to try and blew me away with a with a score of 78 wpm.

(Here is where my competitive nature kicks in)

I tried again… and again, and I consistently came up with a score that hovered around 60, while the Hubster continued to kick the pants of me with scores of nearly 80.

So obviously I reasoned that the website must be flawed. It must be, right? Right?

I went back to ol’ Google and found another. This site was similar, only the test text was smaller and made sense. It was actual paragraphs or excerpts from texts… as in full sentences. None of this random crap.

I got 78 wpm on my first try. The Hubs could only manage scores in the low sixties. So we went back to the other site and tried it again… and again the Hubs rocked his scores and I was terrible.

So really, there is only one explanation:

I do well at things that make sense. The Hubs? Not so much. haha!

I kid, I kid. Usually I’m the one that doesn’t make any sense. (My momma learned me how to speak English good) But I DID find the whole thing really interesting–when my teacher-brain kicked in and I started reflecting on the situation (yes, my fellow teachers, I went there… haha) I realized that maybe he and I are able to process things totally differently. When I read I see entire sentences… I can’t read word by word–it’s too slow and doesn’t make sense for me. I need to see the larger context. Whereas the Hubs can read individual words for what they are and not need them in a sensical order.

Interesting, no?

Try it for yourself… which test is easier for you?

Test #1 – Random Words

Test #2 – Paragraphs

Let me know if I’m totally crazy and you can get the same / a similar score on both tests! I couldn’t do it… there was a difference of 10 – 15 wpm between the two for me!

Shop Girl*

P.s. I can’t stop listening to the Cranberries tonight. What ever happened to them?? They are fabulous!!

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