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Shop Girl Turns 24*

Today is my 24th birthday… and it has been a wonderful day. This is what makes for a great birthday:

*sleeping in past 6am
*waking up with my Hubby still next to me (he gets up before me)
*beautiful sunshine
*spending a lazy morning in my jammies
*gorgeous white roses on my dining room table
*yummy sushi lunch with the Hubs & Too Kool
*thoughtful birthday cards
*two pairs of new shoes
*season 10 of Frasier :)
*afternoon naps
*Law & Order SVU
*lots of love (via Facebook, Twitter and le telephone)
*sunset walks
*vanilla dip donuts
*curling up on the couch with a movie

I love you, Hubster. Thanks for a great birthday. :)

Shop Girl*

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