Exciting News*

IT WORKS* (The Hubster Has Magic Powers)

I have the best Hubster EVER.

After my oh, so excruciatingly painful weekend fighting with my blog (which I tried not to exaggerate as he started his new job yesterday and I didn’t want to be a needy “I-can’t-do-anything-on-the-computer-wifester) tonight he made magic happen and… voila! It works!

…or at least it should. If it doesn’t, I don’t wanna hear about it.

…actually I do. But break it to me gently. I might snap. Be forewarned. ha

I’m still playing with it / adding stuff to the new links so watch for that! Also, the link to comment is now at the top of each post, instead of the bottom. So, should you want to leave me some love (which you should) do it there. :)

So, that’s that. As I am feeling lazy / want to continue feeding my new found Law & Order SVU obsession, (I did not watch 4 episodes today. Nope.) this post is going to be a mismatch of randomness. Be excited.

First thing first: I am going to learn French. I have always wanted to and know it would benefit me greatly in my job search. So, tonight I got some new software, busted out some cahier d’exercices and away I go. Send happy thoughts my way… this may not be pretty. haha

I have fallen in love with cheese. I never thought I liked it. I mean, it was okay melted on top of stuff, but I was never one to grab a piece off a cheese and cracker tray, and I rarely bought it for myself. Until I did. And now I LOVE it. I know most of it is crazy fattening and blah blah blah… but oh. Cheese. ♥

Tomorrow I start running again–rain or shine. And by rain or shine I really just mean shine. Really shiny. And warm. Please?

The apartment is 90% unpacked and I seem to have stalled a bit. All that is left before I can do a photo shoot is all the little finicky crap that we have no place for / requires effort to put up on the wall. I will finish by Saturday. (Cue The Little Engine That Could please)

Annnnnnnnd I’m outtie. (Oh Clueless… where did you go?) Thanks for all the feedback about my new template yesterday… I still don’t understand why some of you could see it and others couldn’t. Maybe it was possessed. *looks around wildly* For those of you that couldn’t see it before, thoughts? Do you like it?

Tomorrow I scan my grad photos for your viewing pleasure. I’ll need you to pick one for me as I can never do it myself. *sigh*

Until tomorrow, dearies!

Shop Girl*

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