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The Death of The Hairbrush*

I am frustrated.

There are certain things in life I feel you should only have to find once… the prefect hairdresser / salon, the perfect restaurant, the perfect shoe store… and the perfect hair brush.

I hate buying hair brushes.


I have big crazy thick sometimes-wavy-sometimes-straight hair that is picky about what goes through it. For years I hunted for a hairbrush that could de-tangle even my most beastly hair days.

…and then I found it. The one. My big round hairbrush with perfect bristles. It didn’t hurt when I brushed my hair. It didn’t make my hair staticky. It gave me that shimmery shine that I thought only shampoo commercial models could achieve.

We spent two glorious years together. I reeeeally liked this hair brush so I gave it some love and took good care of it.

…and then it broke. The handle snapped right off.

I was so sad… but I didn’t give up hope. I bought the thing at Walmart of all places, so amidst my sadness I knew I could simply go back and replace it. Right? Right?


The Hubs was sympathetic to my plight (he knew how much I loved this thing) and trekked with me to Walmart and even ventured into the hair aisle to help me search.

It wasn’t there. (seriously?!)

There wasn’t even anything comparable… they were all cheap garbagey looking things. I refused to pay money for one that I didn’t love, so the Hubs, being the wonderful Hubs that he is, spent a good hour trying to fix it for me. He managed to give me a good temporary fix, but I still need a new one. *sigh*

This may sound like a lot of ‘hoohah‘ over a hair brush, but uggggggggh. It took me SO LONG to find “the one”. And now it is gone.

I’m sad.

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