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So, I Think I Can Dance*

Ok. Just quick post as the Hubs and I are off to watch a movie, but I’m trying to get back into this whole posting every day thing because, well, I love you. And I’m tired of your harassment that I’m not posting enough. haha! I kid, I kid.

So, I know not everyone out there loves it, but can I just say how excited I am that So You Think You Can Dance is back?!? AH! I am one of those girls who alllllways wanted to be a dancer but ended up in hockey instead. (Actually, it was ringette… but hockey is less complicated to explain. haha)

I watch these dances and pretend it’s me. (Don’t judge me, I know you do it too. ha) And every once in a while a perfect dance and song combination happens and I am so freaking into the performance that I clap / shout at the TV / jump around by the end. (Good music and dancing excites me. Apparently.)

There are several such performances that I love, but I think this one might be my all time favourite. I love the song and the chest pumps (or whatever they are called).


Are you a fan?

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