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Hi. Remember me?

I used to be that person that blogged every day. Or almost every day.

And then… life happened. Lots and lots of life.

Oh sweet mother… where do I even begin? Last week was insanely busy. It was my very last week at the university and it was full of madly trying to complete my portfolio, attending (useless) workshops, and going out with my lovely teacher friends for farewell dinners and outings. One night I even stayed out to 1am. For an old married hag like me that was CRAAZY. haha

And then last Tuesday the Hubs had an interview with a big company near The City.

On Wednesday we found out he had a job offer and that we’d be moving. :) More on this soon.

On Saturday I said goodbye to my Hubster and left to begin my last 3 week placement in the City. I went to BTown to pick up my momma’s car (she loves me and is lending me her wheels so I can feel like a grown up) and drove down last night. My fabulous cousin kindly offered to take me in for the next couple of weeks so I can get this placement outta the way, so I’ll be bunking with her, her hubby and their stinkin‘ cute new bebe. Seriously–I can’t get enough of this kid.

So, I started the new placement today. Correction–I started the last placement today. It’s reeeeeally different from anything I’ve done before… first things first, I’m working in an elementary school that’s full of little people. I forgot how tiny 6 year olds are. haha! I’m working in an Autistic Spectrum Disorder classroom, and there are 6 boys in my class. They are all functioning at varying levels, but as a whole it’s a really great group. Fourteen days until freedom, baby!

Anyway, I’m wiped and I need to collapse on bed. (that’s right, I said ON bed. If I can last long enough to get under the covers and get IN bed it’ll be a miracle)

Oh, one more thing–for those of you out there that use Twitter, I’ve left my @shopgirll account and created @iheartmyshoes so add me there!!

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