It Finally Happened…

I haven’t been very good at blogging this week.

BUT, I have a very, very legitimate excuse… Eclipse and Breaking Dawn arrived, and I have been bonding with Edward all week. *swoon* I know, I know, life’s all about balance, right? But commmmmme on, how can I possibly lesson plan, read ahead for school, make a portfolio or blog when Edward is waiting for me?? :) I am almost done book 3, and can safely say that it is SO much better than New Moon. I won’t give anything away, but glorious doesn’t even describe how delightfully frivolous and wonderful this book is.

Aside from my new Edward obsession… life has been busy. I’ve decided that I have a love/hate relationship with March Break. It was nice to get away for a bit, but there was SO much waiting for me at home. I’ve spent this past week trying to catch up on planning, marking, laundry, grocery shopping, portfolio-ing, job applying, etc. I have hardly had time to breathe, let alone sleep or anything else semi-important.

It was a really great week though… and it went by SO fast. I can’t believe I only have 4 more days with my grade 7 class… as much as I complained about the work at the beginning, I am really going to miss them, and the intermediate staff, whom I love. For whatever reason they have welcomed me with open arms and have been so supportive. I can only hope to find a staff like that when I find a real job!

And then, Friday night, it happened.

…I saw my students outside my classroom.

The Hubster had a boys-bonding night with Too Kool and some of his friends from school, so I did what any respectable wife would do in that situation: I went shopping. :) Well, to be honest, I went looking. I couldn’t find a single thing I even needed to try on. It was quite sad really.

So as I was browsing through one of my favourite teenie-bopper stores (they usually have good sale racks) I heard it:


I allow very few people to call me by such a formal name. I feel like it makes me sound ancient. And I’m not. Yet. (I use Twitter! Ancient people don’t know what Twitter is! HA!) So I knew it had to be students… and I knew I had four options:

1. Hide behind some ugly clothes and hope they don’t look there.

2. Run like the wind.

3. Pretend I am someone who only looks a lot like this Mrs. Shop Girl person. (Mrs. Shop Girl who!?)

4. Endure the awkward conversation that was sure to unfold.

…after seriously considering options 1 through 3, I decided to be brave and face my students on this unfamiliar territory. As they came running over I braced myself:

Girls: “HI MRS. SHOP GIRL! Are you shopping?!”

(I resisted the urge to alert them to the fact that we were, in fact, in a shopping mall.)

Me: “Kind of… I’m just browsing! What about you two?” (They always come in pairs)

Girls: “YUP. We loooooove this store.” (I decided I can no longer love this store)

Me: “Great! Looking for anything in particular?”

Girls: “Ummm no.”

…awkward silence.

Me: “Ok then! Well, have fun! See you Monday!”

…and then I ran away. haha! In review, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Thankfully it was in a super public place that was made it easy to slip away unseen. The Hubster nearly died laughing when I recapped the experience for him later and was very sad to have missed it. I was not. They are already extremely curious about him as apparently I do not look old enough to be married and they saw his picture once and asked a bazillion questions. Had he been with me, I would have faced a barrage of questions Monday morning… “Oooh who was that with you, Mrs. Shop Girl??” – “Was that your huuuuusband??” – “He’s really cuuuute!” (Which he really is, but he can’t help that. :))

Well, it’s bedtime for me. Tomorrow is a new day, and morning seems to come so much earlier these days…

Shop Girl*

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