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Bathing Suit Adventures*

I didn’t post yesterday. :(

I managed to post every day for over two months, but last night I was just too tired. I came home from school, had a two hour nap, woke up, had dinner and spent some time with the Hubs before we both passed out without meaning to. I woke up at 4am with all the lights still on, make-up still on and I was not in my jammies. I sleepily closed everything down, brushed my teeth and climbed back into bed and slept until 9am. In total I slept nearly 12 hours, and here it is, 9pm, and I’m already ready for bed again. haha! It’s March break in 7 sleeps (the Ontario version of Spring Break) and I can’t wait for a whole week of no marking, planning, teaching, duty-ing or not sleeping. Oh, how glorious it will be! I have some secret / not-so-secret plans for the week that I shall reveal to you soonish.

I have decided that I have a love / hate relationships with Saturdays. I love them because it’s a day “off”, but then at the same time they are usually so busy to it’s not really a day off at all. haha!

Today we woke up and got our day started around 9am (a glorious 3 hours later than usual… heaven) and decided to do some shopping. At the last minute I decided to grab umbrellas as we headed out the door, as the forecast said there was a possibility of light rain later that afternoon. As it turns out, I am brilliant. More on this later.

Our first stop was Winners. We have had a gift card for a couple of months that I wanted to use, and I also needed a new bathing suit as I want to start taking an aqua fit class with Karog at le gym! I was sorely disappointed with their lack of selection in first, bathing suits, second, bathing suit cover ups, and third, shoes. *sigh* We decided to wander over to the mall as it was only a couple of blocks away.

As we walked the Hubs decided to pop into Zellars as we hadn’t been in ours in years and he was browsing for a new toy he wanted. He went in to price out a Nintendo DS, and ended up enamoured with a great deal on those mini PSPs. After hemming and hawing a bit he decided to leave it and price it out at other stores. Done.

So we strolled over to the mall. It wasn’t quite as warm as we thought, but it wasn’t raining or snowing and it was still above 0°C so we couldn’t reeeeally complain… could we? (Maybe just a little bit… it WAS 14°C yesterday! Why did it have to chaaaange?)

I continued the bathing suit hunt in old Navy having spied a brown one I semi-liked a few weeks back. I tried on a few, but still wasn’t loving anything. I have a new shopping policy (that the Hubs loves): unless I absolutely love something–which means not having it is not an option because I have decided that I need it–I don’t buy it. It’s actually worked out really well… I am now wearing all the clothes I own, and have very few heat-of-the-moment purchases that look FAB on the hanger at the store and somehow look completely different at home. (You know the ones I mean…)

I decided to try one more store at the mall: Sears. I remembered buying a bathing suit there a hundred years ago just before my 17th birthday (that I still have and LOVE) so I thought I’d give it a go. I actually found a brown one that was cute, but I didn’t love it for $80. I’m cheap–so sue me. Who wants to pay $80 for something that’s just going to get ruined in the hot tub anyway? haha

I decided to give up on the bathing suit adventure for awhile and continue on our errands. I had planned to stop at the tanning salon on the way, but as we got on the bus the heavens opened and out poured the rain. Now, this wasn’t just the light drizzle that was forecasted–I’m talking full-on torrential pouring rain here. We decided to bypass tanning and go straight to Walmart. I needed a few things, so I began checking things off my list when I found the cutest white flip flops that I love and I remembered that they had a bathing suit section.

The Hubs migrated over to the electronics section whilst I curiously walked over to the active wear section. It couldn’t hurt to look, right?

I was SO surprised–they had several really cute bathing suits that I really liked, and I ended up buying a super cute black one for $25! I made the Hubs come and give me his vote on the two I liked best and after being yelled by a Walmart lady for standing in the doorway of the change room. Good times.

I was so ready to get home by that point, as we had already been out for nearly 5 hours and had been all over town. As we stood huddled in the bus shelter my phone rang and I realized that I had made plans for a hot chocolate outing with a friend of mine who was in town this weekend. So I left the Hubster with all our bags and headed downtown for one last trip. We ended up chatting for over an hour in my favourite little downtown cafe before I dragged my tired little body back on the bus and headed home.

It was a lonnnng day… and despite being invited out to a teacher candidate outing tonight, I curled up on the couch with Meg & Tom (You’ve Got Mail) and slept on his lap. I had intended to do some marking, but I think I shall do some more sleeping instead. :)

Have a lovely evening!!

Shop Girl*

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