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What a week.

I cannot ever remember a time when I have felt this exhausted… (mind you, I bet if I looked back on my blog to the ol‘ essay & exam seasons I’d probably find one… haha!). I am actually in bed writing so that I can sleep the second after “publish post” has been clicked.

Tonight I am writing to you from my parent’s home in B-Town–I decided to take a last minute trip home to visit Mom & Big Dad / get some pants hemmed (Mom has a “guy” who does alterations for really cheap). I needed seven pairs hemmed so that I can stop wearing the same four pairs of pants all the time. HOO HAH! I enjoy variety.

I am also buried underneath about 20 blankets trying to stay warm. The Hubster and I have a cozy little apartment in a senior’s building that is warm all the time. My parents enjoy a …chillier… atmosphere, which was compounded by the fact that the weather dropped from 7 degrees to -20 in just a few hours. SO gross… I was hoping winter was done.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement this week–it was much appreciated. It was an utterly chaotic five days. My associate teacher (AT) was away three of them, which left my students with 5 supply teachers. Yes, you read that right: 5 supply teachers over 3 days. For whatever reason it was impossible to track down ONE supply teacher today so they kept swapping them out and I ended up with three different ones over the course of 6 periods. Understandably it was challenging for the students to adapt to so many changes, but all things considered they did pretty well.

Anyway, it’s all behind me now (thank goodness) and I am officially at the halfway point for this placement in Grade 7. It’s gone by really fast–but I am excited to move on to the the next one, wherever it may be.
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