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I cut my hair today.

I have long very thick not quite curly but not quite straight hair that often drives me nuts, but for the past couple of years I somehow became a bi-annual hair chopper. I had it in my head that if it wasn’t six months since my previous hair cut, I didn’t need a new one.


I cut my hair in early December at a salon I know (and trust) in Btown. I went in with the idea that I needed to cut off a couple of inches to lighten the weight and I wanted trim my bangs. Pretty simple, no? I got in there, and while I really liked the girl I was with, she talked me out of cutting the length. I ended up only taking off half an inch of my long hair and trimming my bangs. It looked great, but after a couple of weeks it felt really long again and it was sooo much work to take care of.

So, I decided to forgo two of my hair-rules: After only three months I cut my hair at a new salon with a girl I didn’t know.

For those of you who are newish readers of my little blog, three years ago I had the hair care experience from hell. On a whim I tried a new salon (I was desperate for a hair cut) and ended up looking like that kid in junior kindergarten who cuts their own hair right before picture day. (You can read all about it HERE) Since that day, I have been terrified to go to a stylist I have never used before, or at the very least, someone I know and trust has used before.

As I was complaining about my too-long bangs and too-much-maintenance hair to Spart last night, she suggested I try the salon she has been using for the past year. She has had only wonderful experiences there with several stylists, and it was $20 cheaper than the salon I normally go to. So, on a whim, I stopped by the salon when we went to get my pants hemmed last night.

I have decided that I am extremely judgmental. Am I the only person out there who judges whether or not they will go into the salon based first on the aesthetic appearance of the salon, and second the name? I almost refused to go because the name of the salon was simply “Slickers”, and I wasn’t sure that sounded like a place that I would go into to (as if I am a terribly important person or something. Which obviously I am. ha). However, the salon looked beautiful (and contemporary–this is key) so I decided to walk up to the front desk… where I became “that crazy girl”.

The Hubster always encourages me to speak up when I am getting my hair done. I am easily swayed by smooth talking stylists who gush how “fab” I’d look if I did this instead of that. Unfortunately, I am also someone who has a clear vision of what I want in a hair cut, so while it sounds so awesome in the salon, it’s a different story during those first few weeks that I “adjust” to my new haircut.

Anyway. As I walked to the desk of this foreign salon that I had never been to a girl with a cute short haircut came over. I forgot to mention the third thing I judge about salons–if my stylist has horrible hair, how can I possibly expect her to give me something fabulous? I need to be with someone who has great hair. I am shallow. I can’t help it. haha!

It was near closing on a Friday evening so this girl wasn’t overly pleased to see me, but she brightened a bit when I asked for an appointment the next day, so it would not affect her closing the store. Our conversation went a bit like this:

Me: “Hi.”

Stylist: (Strolling over from her gossip corner with the other girls) “Hi there. Can I help you?”

Me: “Umm.. well, I was just wondering if you had any available appointments for tomorrow.”

Stylist: “What did you want to have done?”

Me: “Just a hair cut.”

Stylist: (Scrutinizing my unruly wavy hair that I poured absolutely no effort into that morning as the exhaustion of this week took over…) “Hmmm. I have a…”

Me: (Cutting her off without meaning to be rude but needing to vent) “Please put me with someone who isn’t new… more that 2 years experience please. OH, and someone who is good with bangs. I need someone who can cut bangs well.”

Stylist: (eyebrows raised and looking at me like I’m psycho) “How does 11 am sound? I can put you in with Dee. She’s been here over 5 years.”

Me: (Trying not to be ‘that’ crazy girl) “Sounds great. Thanks!”

…and then I ran away. haha! It was SO nerve-racking to make an appointment with someone I didn’t know. AH! But, I was brave and dutifully got up, showered and kept my appointment.


…I LOVE it. I was immediately put at ease because my stylist was a) Friendly, nice and extremely professional; b) young; c) very well dressed; and d) rocking an awesome hairdo with good bangs. She listened to what I wanted done and made suggestions, but wasn’t pushy. And she was fast. Stylists always ‘complain’ about drying my hair because it takes forevvver. She somehow managed to wash, cut and dry in 35 minutes. And I am SO pleased! I cut off 3.5 inches and got some new bangs and I can already feel a huge difference. I don’t have time in the morning to fiddle with my hair so it’s something fab, but easy to maintain. HOO HAH!

So, to conclude, I broke some of my “hair rules” and a good thing happened. I’m still very wary of new salons / stylists, but I can now add a new one to my list. Sometimes it’s good to be brave. :)

What are some of your hair rules?

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