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I love shoes.

This may come as a surprise to you, considering my oh, so subtle blog name. I don’t write about them very often anymore as I am a poor student and I can’t afford to buy all the pretty shoes I’d like to. *sigh* Before I started university I was a shoe-a-holic. I owned nearly 100 pairs of shoes in every shape and color. I collected them. I needed them. The fact that I worked in a shoe store and got ah-mazing deals was also quite the bonus. :)

…but then I moved away for school and I started buying books instead of shoes. And I outgrew some of the styles and brands, so my collection has diminished significantly and changed over the past four years. Instead of really fun pink boots, I am now buying practical teacher shoes.

As you know, I’ve been shopping for new teacher shoes for quite some time. I broke my black shoes (heart breaking) in November, so I desperately needed new ones as I begin teaching on… MONDAY. I have been looking everywhere, and today that old saying, “It’s always in the last place you look” came true…

I bought shoes online.

I neeeeeever buy things online. I’m only just beginning to buy my books on amazon, as the whole internet shopping thing is still kind of scary for me. ANYWAY. I got this email today from SPC who sometimes send me crap. I rarrrely read it, but today I decided “Hey. What the heck. I have assignments to procrastinate! Let’s read spam! WOO!” (so I read it). And I found something magical.

Spring shoes are having an INSANE online sale. Tons of shoes are on sale, and shipping is FREE right now!!!!!!!!!!! I bought myself some cute black teacher shoes for FIFTEEN DOLLARS and might have to buy myself some more. Maybe.

Shop Girl*

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