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I’m Not Picky, I’m Particular*

I had originally planned to write out the last chapter of Our Story* tonight and tell you all about the day I married the Hubster. However I have spent the entire afternoon reading and preparing an IEP for an assignment amidst other assignments and things I have due and I didn’t have the time I wanted to devote to this entry. So, I’m sorry, but I am going to have to postpone Chapter 13 until Tuesday. So–look for it then!!

Whenever I have piles of homework to do I alllllllways get really hungry. I know it’s just a procrastination technique, but homework = starving Shop Girl*. So, as I stared at my laptop screen thinking about food I got to thinking… do you ever think about what you like to eat, and how you like to eat it? I mean, really think about it? I decided today that I think I am a “particular” eater. Not picky–particular. Here’s what I mean:

I started thinking about toast… I love toast. You’d think toast was a pretty simple thing to make, right? Well, apparently I like complicated toast. (complicated toast!?) It needs to be toasted just right. I don’t like undercooked toast (aka: hot bread) that cannot hold it’s topping without getting soggy, or toast that is cooked so long that it is hard. It needs to be golden brown on both sides. Also, I am particular about what goes on it and how. First things first–if it is buttered, it is buttered sparingly. Only a wee bit. And butter never goes underneath any other topping. If I put jam or peanut butter on my toast, it has to be spread evenly all the way to every edge.

Ok… I never realized how high maintenance I was with my toast until right now. haha! I still defend myself that I am not picky as I will still eat toast of any other variety if it is given to me, but I just prefer it this way.

I also realized that, for me, food is alllllll about texture, and less about taste. Don’t get me wrong, I like my food to taste good, but it also has to be just the right texture. Now that I am “chocolate-free” I find myself craving textures, and not the tastes. For example, I miss the texture of fresh brownies–you know, when they are fresh out of the pan and are moist and soft. Or the crunchy texture of chips (which I am trying to cut out). I haven’t quite found healthier replacements for either just yet… but I’ll let you know.

On the other hand, there are certain food textures that I just can’t eat…. like “chewy” meat–when meat is not cooked properly, or there is fat attached to it. I can’t do it. I also like mashed potatoes to be thoroughly mashed, sans any chunks.

I’m not picky… right? haha

Last but not least–artificial flavours vs. real stuff. To begin, I may be the only person in the world that hates banana flavoured medicine. Actually, I hate banana flavoured everything. Yuuuuuck. I think I might be allergic to raw bananas because they make my throat close up a bit, but I looooove them cooked in breads or muffins. Bizarre, right?

And here’s where it gets really weird:
*I hate real cherries, but I love cherry flavoured stuff.
*I love real watermelon, but I hate watermelon flavoured anything.
*I cannot eat real maple syrup, but I love the fake stuff. But only in syrup form–not flavoured candies.
*Carrots are the gross-est vegetable in the world (unless they are cooked into a cake form. Then I LOVE them.)

…see what I mean? I had never ever thought about my eating habits until today… what kind of eater are you?

Shop Girl*

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