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I don’t pretend to be a technological genius, but for an average person, I know this and that about web-related things and am pretty comfortable at least trying to figure things out on my own. It was actually one of the things the Hubster liked about me when we first met, as then (in my pre-blog days) I had my own website with photos, stories, etc that I maintained. It was nothing fancy, but it did the job.

Today I want to share a little gem with you–something that I can’t believe everyone hasn’t found out about yet: Gmail. Gmail is a webmail service provided by Google… it’s free, like Hotmail, only it’s 1000000 times better! It used to be all exclusive and you could only join if you invited by another Gmail user, but it’s available for everyone now! I converted about 2 years ago and have never looked back. Here’s why:

1. Gmail gives you more storage space than you, as an average user, will probably ever use. My account is currently packed with photos, long emails, even music, and I have hardly put a dent into my storage space.

2. Searching for emails in your account is so so so much easier. As it’s powered by Google, a wondrous search engine, you can quickly search through your entire account for an email you’ve forgotten. Forget folders… hello labels!

3. Remember spam? That’s funny… I can’t. I don’t really get any anymore.

4. You know all those big advertisements you see all over other email providers? Gone. Gmail uses small text-based ads that are hardly noticeable.

5. Gmail offers many other great services as a part of your Gmail account, such as Google Documents, Google Reader, or my personal favourite, Google Calender. I have a very busy schedule… and I even forget where I’m supposed to be on which day sometimes. Google Calender is a great tool that you can access anywhere you have internet access! But that’s not even the best part–you can invite your friends to share your calender with you! For example–the Hubster and I are both students at the same university, but we have opposite schedules all over campus. Because we have shared our calender, I can click his name and it will show me his schedule as well as mine (in different colours) so I can see what time he is finished / where his classes are! I have done this with several other friends as well, so it’s pretty awesome. Also–it’s completely private. You can set it so that only people you have shared it with can see your calender. Pretty neat, huh?

6. Last, but not least, my favourite–Google Talk. This comes free when you sign up for a Gmail account, and it’s like msn, but for Gmail users! You really need to see it to understand it, but you’ll love it like I do. :)

Anyway, these are just some of the reasons I love Gmail. I was also one of those kids who had a million different email addresses that a million different people have. I now have it set up with Gmail that any email I get from any of my old accounts is forwarded immediately to my Gmail address. So I never have to log into Hotmail or Yahoo again. If you’re ready to get a new email and say goodbye to your old [email protected]–go Gmail, or go home.

Gmail, I heart you. Join now!!

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