Adventures of the Hubster & Wifester – 2008*

As it’s the last day of December I thought I’d end the month by posting this year’s Christmas letter–slightly altered to make it "blog friendly". :) Enjoy!!

Adventures of the

Hubster & Wifester*

2008 Edition

Since our last letter there is much that is new,

And we’re very excited to share it with you!

So, let’s start with the Hubs this year,

For he has been busy—there’s so much to hear!

The Hubster has been working on projects galore,

Designing courses for professors and so much more!

He is finally in his last year at Hippe U,

His four years of school are nearly through.

It’s been a long road but he’s been so strong,

School eleven months of the year is incredibly long.

But he’s on his final project (which is really way cool),

And is just waiting for spring when we’ll both be done school.

I have been absolutely giddy with glee,

As in June I finally graduated from university!

After four years of essays, exams and much more,

I grabbed my degree and walked out the door.

But something marred my happy little heart,

It looked like the Hubs and I might have to live apart!

Last year to teacher’s college I did apply,

And was accepted to O-Town, but not here… …WHY?!

I was devastated and cried through the night,

But the Hubs “put up his dukes” and got ready to fight!

We fought up the ladder, right to the Big Boss,

Who gave a firm “NO.” …I was at a loss.

The Hubster never gave up (he really is the best),

Until, one day, we finally got our “Yes!”

And so, after a grueling duel,

I picked up my books and went back to school.

I’m as happy as ever to have stayed with my Hubs,

(Who does all my dishes, but I still clean his tub!)

I love what I’m doing and all that I’ve learned,

I work with great teachers—can’t wait for my turn!

And then we’ll both be done in the spring,

And together we’ll dance! And jump! And sing!

For school will be DONE, and our moving day will arrive,

And we’ll go to a city with people under sixty-five.

In short, our life is still wonderfully grand,

We still love our date nights and walk hand in hand.

We have great adventures as husband and wife,

We’re as happy as clams and are loving our life.

And so, dear family and friends,

That brings our letter this year to an end.

We love you; we miss you, and hope you are well,

Have a wonderful Christmas—we sure hope it’s swell!

Much Love,

The Hubster & Wifester (aka Shop Girl)



Shop Girl*

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