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It’s Woman Time*

Okay. Sooo… if you are of the male gender, you may not want to continue reading this post. :)

I like sharing things with you. Whenever I find something I like, I tend to post about it or at least make mention of it. It’s usually a website, song, artist, band or food… but today I’m going a little more… personal.

We all go through what I call “woman time”. I’ve never liked the other well-known names for it: period, rags, menstrual cycle, time of the month, etc etc– call it what you like. In any case, for women it’s about the most unbearable 4 – 7 days of the month.

During these wretched days I usually stay in my jammies, curl up in bed with my heating pad (if you do not have one–INVEST), and comfort myself with lots of chocolate. The Hubster always takes care of me and helps make the discomfort more bearable.

But then there’s the other little issue of “protecting” yourself from the grossness that is woman time. I have a confession… I was afraid of tampons for a lonnng time. Pads feel like you’re wearing a mini-diaper, but I was too nervous to use tampons. Finally one year my woman time fell on a Florida trip and I had a choice–I could abstain from the pool or suck it up and try one. So, I did. And I have nevvvver gone back. haha

But as a newish wearer I was faced with the dilemma of choosing a brand. As I stood facing the 120398420 different varieties I pretty much grabbed the box closest to me and ran out of the store. Because it was ok I never bothered to see if there was something better… until now. I just tried O.B. tampons and I am sold. Here’s why:

1. They are freaking comfortable.
2. They are SO tiny. I didn’t have to shove it up my sleeve or into my pants as I made a quick dash into the bathroom.
3. They are environmentally friendly! No applicator = less waste.

So seriously, could you go wrong? I think not. I even did a little research and found out that they are offering free trials, which I thought was pretty cool.

Anyway, I know this topic a little more… intimate than I normally post about, but hey–when I find something good I share it.

If you do decide to give o.b. a try, or have used them in the past, they are looking for your feedback!! Please take a second and do this quick survey! Thanks!!

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