Our Story

Chapter Two* The Ring [Proposal: Part Two]

Well, after careful deliberation I decided not to be a jerk and simply carry on with Our Story right away. :)

As the previous post is directly beneath this one I won’t give you TOO much of an introduction… but for those of you just joining now, this is the story of how The Hubster and I met, fell in love, and were married within 8 months…

…and lived happily ever after*

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005 (dinner)

As the Hubster and I got into his car he didn’t tell me where we were going for dinner… so when he pulled into Swiss Chalet I was pretty happy as it had sort of become “our place”. I know it’s maybe not most people’s #1 choice for somewhere to eat, but I love it there, it’s great for people on a student budget, and after all he did take me there on our very first date!

That evening (like most evenings) he was the perfect date. MEN: take note of the following… haha! After we ordered and were waiting for our food we sat and talked… I loved (and love) talking to him as from day one I could always tell that he was not only hearing what I was saying, but really listening and contributing to the conversation. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that when we were together I had 100% of his attention.

He reached across the table and held my hands, which at the time, looked like this:

(you can click on pictures to enlarge them)

This was my every day jewelry. As you can see, the space on my ring finger was occupied. As he held my hands he twirled my rings around and played with them while still maintaining eye contact to show that he was really paying attention to me while I talked.

Just as our food came my cell phone started ringing. After our discussion about cell phones shortly after we started dating and wanting to spend time with the Hubster I glanced at the call display to see that it was Peeah calling and turned my ringer off, making a mental note to call her later.

As our food was put on the table we had to stop holding hands and I failed to see that something was different. We continued to chat as we ate and had a wonderful dinner… though at this point I really had no idea of what he had in store for me in only a couple of hours.

After dinner he excused himself to use the restroom and I reflected on what a perfect evening it had been thus far. When he came back a moment later I told him about Peeah’s phone call. He thoughtfully asked if I needed to go home to return her call, but I wasn’t ready to end our evening just yet (and thank goodness I didn’t!!).

So, he helped me put on my coat, scarf and mittens (which hid my hands) and walked me out to his car for the next surprise of the evening. :)

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