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Chapter Seventeen* The “M” Word

This is the story of how the Hubster and I met, fell in love, and were married within 8 months…

…and lived happily ever after*

On February 16th, 2005, the Hubster first proposed the idea of marriage to me. We had been dating for 23 days. But let me take a step back and explain…

I knew that I loved him before I actually said it to him out loud, but the minute that he looked into my eyes and told me that he was in love with me was the moment I realized that I didn’t want to date anyone else. As crazy as it sounded in my head, my heart was absolutely sure. But I assumed that he, being male, would need time to let the idea of “forever” settle in a little… so needless to say, even I was a little caught off guard when he brought up the “M” word shortly after telling me that he loved me. And just to clarify– here shortly doesn’t mean a few weeks or days after telling me. I’m talking a few minutes. :)

Some of you might be wondering which “M” word I’m referring to. After all, many lovely words in the English language begin with this letter, such as macaroni (which I love), magical (which our love is.. AWW), marble (my favourite cake) or even mysterious (which I am attempting to be… haha). But let me assure you, that this BIG “M” word was most definitely marriage.

After telling me that he loved me, he explained that they were not words that he “threw around” and that in weighing out his decision to tell me that he loved me he had also thought about the possibility of marriage. To me. In the future-ish. Whoa.

He didn’t propose that night (obviously), but wanted to know my feelings about marriage. I remember telling him about my goals in life, but that if it was right then I would absolutely be ready to get married. Instead of running for my life in the opposite direction at the mere mention of the “M” word as I had in past relationships, when we talked about it I felt… good. It felt good. It felt… right. Now I know what you’re thinking–how could I say that?? I was 19, and according to some, very inexperienced in the ways of the world and of the heart. We had only been dating for 23 days! How could it feel right?? It must have been new love, or indigestion.

…but it wasn’t. I’m telling you… I am a firm believer that when you know, you know. You can choose to deny it, run from it or ignore it– or you can be open to it, listen to it, and embrace it.

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