My thoughts*

Undergrad = COMPLETE*

Sooooo…… you know who is no longer an undergraduate student? GUESS.


Yesterday, April 19th, at 4:03pm I handed in my last undergraduate exam ever and completed my degree. I cannot even describe the euphoria I felt as I walked out of the athletics complex (where the exams were held) and out into the beautiful, beautiful sunshine knowing that I never ever ever have to write a 38 page essay again. *swoon*

It still hasn’t completed sunk in that there is nothing left to do, but I cannot wait for that feeling. I’m hoping it will come tomorrow after I leave work and don’t have to go to class, or do readings, or go to my other job, or write papers, or study. When I can do whatever I want after work… like go buy groceries, go for a walk, go shopping, read a real book, or just do nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. :) Iiiiiiiiiiii like it.


Shop Girl*

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