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So, after having my survey up for a week, an amazing FIFTY-SIX people completed my survey!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I really appreciate your feedback!! I’m going to leave it up for a few more days, so if you haven’t submitted your answers yet, please do!

I wanted to share the results with you, so I’m a loser and made graphs to display them. :) My first question was:

1) Are you a regular reader of my blog?
I loved the “other” responses through the whole survey… it allowed me to really see what people were thinking. It’s funny… even though I deliberately wanted the survey to be anonymous, I can definitely tell which answers were from some of my good (and funny) friends. haha! For this question, they were:

*I hate it.
*You have a blog?
*I just found out about it
*Well, I read it once in a while which makes me not a regular reader (=no) so pick whichever response you like best…
*I’ve only just begun!
*new reader

2) Do you enjoy my blog?

3) Of the following options, which do you best like to read about?

The “other” responses:
*I can’t read.
Too much about you, not enough about others. -François
I don’t really read blogs
I like it all!!!!!
I haven’t read anything yet
none of the above

4) Do you think I should have “themed days” for my blog? (as well as regular blogging)
5) If I DID start themed blog days, which of the following would you enjoy reading about?
The “other” answers:
*How amazing [François] is –I’ll have you introduce you to François… haha
*I don’t really read blogs, so I don’t really know what I would like a blogger to blog about, I don’t really read that much on the internet

*[G Unit]
–he wrote it twice for extra emphasis. haha

6) Lastly, if you are a “secret reader” of my blog, why don’t you leave comments?
This last question generated a LOT of “other responses” and I’ll share a few with you! It opened my eyes to things I hadn’t considered…

*Because leaving comments is for suckers.
*I never knew you had a blog
*and im just fn lazy!!
*The fact that I’m able to squeeze 5 minutes out of each day to read your blog is about the only 5 minutes I have to spare. Not sure I can find another two to comment. But I will try!
*I’m shy!!! I do enjoy your blogs, you have a fun sense of humour!!
*I never read your blog, Im sorry Shop Girl :)
*i have left a comment haven’t i and if i haven’t I apologize and will leave a comment when necessary
*I am NOT a secret reader…I tell you that I read your blog! And I ask you regularly to blog!!
*I’m not a secret reader, but I don’t always have anything to say, or I’m too lazy to sign in. but let me take this opportunity to say I love *love** reading it. And I appreciate and enjoy how wholesome the content is. (thumbs up for making the simple things sound so appealing). (heart, tulip)
*i love you! it’s K!
*i comment lover!
*I am not a secret reader, Veggie Carrie x
*I am not a secret reader, but you’re such a nice person that I feel bad for not reading your blog.

This last question was probably the most interesting for me. Over the past several weeks I’ve had a number of people “come out of the closet” about being long-time secret readers of my blog (hence the question) and I also had a fun mystery game of trying to figure out the identity of one of my anonymous readers! It’s not that I’m begging for comments, rather I was curious to know why people were secretly reading. I was surprised to see that a lot of people preferred to remain anonymous (which is totally okay!!) but also that a lot of people chose “I didn’t know I could leave comments!!” as their answer.

If you would like to leave a comment, here is how: at the end of each entry you’ll see something like this at the bottom

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The text that I have bolded in red is where you would click to leave a comment / read what other people have posted. [scroll down to the bottom of this post and you’ll see it] You can comment anonymously–and I’ll never know it’s you! If you do decide to comment (and want me to know that it’s you), I ask that you to leave only your first name OR make a nickname for yourself as I try to remove all personal details from my blog for privacy reasons. :)

Other than that, this question gave me some insight into options I hadn’t considered, such as a lack of time, or simply not having anything to add. Thank you so much for responding– it was great to learn what my readers were/are thinking!!

If you haven’t completed it yet, you can take it by clicking HERE.

Again, thank you!

Shop Girl*

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