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And it just keeps coming…

The sky is vomiting. Again.

It started to snow around 2pm this afternoon and it has not let up since. And I’m not talking about little tiny flakes that don’t stay on the ground, I’m talking about Christmas snow–you know, the MASSIVE swirling flakes that cover anything and everything they touch. It is beautiful in December… not so much in late March. There is already about an inch and a half of snow on top of my little table on my balcony just from this afternoon. *sigh* Oh Spring, where art thou?

Last year I posted an entry about my love / hate relationship with spring. Even though it isn’t my most favourite of seasons, I would give annnnything to see real spring. The warm-weather-no-snow-wet-sidewalks-grass-growing kind of spring. At this rate we won’t see it before July. Again, *sigh*.

The past few days have been gloriously sunny. Chilly, but sunny. I’ve been enjoying watching the massive snowbanks that surround the entire perimeter of our parking lot slowly go down… I almost felt like I was getting a glimpse of a mini-ice age as the banks slowly receded by a inch or so each day revealing more pavement.

Today, they became mountains again. Oh SPRING! Where art thou?

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