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As I sit here this morning eating my peanut butter toast trying to be as quiet as possible as the Hubster is still sleeping (I’m letting him sleep in today… he’s earned it) I decided to borrow Veggie Carrie‘s little survey! So, without further ado…

Four jobs I’ve had:
1) I am an assistant coordinator for a tutoring program at my university
2) Literacy teacher
3) Retail (Payless Shoes)
4) Office Assistant for an insurance company

B) Four films that I can watch again and again:
1) Most musicals (The Music Man, Sound of Music Oklahoma, State Fair, My Fair Lady, The King and I, etc etc etc)
2) Sleepless in Seattle
3) White Christmas
4) You’ve Got Mail

C) Four places I’ve lived:
1) The Great White Northern Ontario
2) B Town
3) The City
4) Senior’s City

D) Four TV programmes I like to watch:
1) Frasier is my ALL-TIME favourite. I heart Niles. :)
2) American Idol
3) One Tree Hill
4) Ugly Betty

E) Four places I’ve been on holiday:
1) Florida… where my family is right now without me… *sigh*
2) Oregon
3) Minneapolis, Minnesota (World’s second largest mall!!)
4) Palmyra, NY

F) Four places I like to visit on the internet:
1) I love writing in my blog, and reading others!
2) Perez Hilton
3) CBC.ca
4) Facebook (Although I’m kind of getting sick of it…)

G) Four things I never (nearly never) eat:
1) Carrots. I can’t stand them.
2) Cooked mushrooms.
3) Cherries
4) SPAM haha

H) Four favourite meals:
1) Sweet potato french fries (well, really ANY french fries… haha)
2) Pasta, ceasar salad and garlic bread
3) Stir Fry
4) Fajitas/enchiladas

I) Four places I’d like to be right now:
1) Florida avec ma famillie…
2) Poland
3) Germany
4) The Dominican (or anywhere hot really… haha!)

So there you have it. :)

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