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The Hubster and I have had a very full, but nice weekend. On Friday I had a busy day of work and errands. I’ve been fighting to get books for a class I’m taking and so have been checking the library every morning to get the books that have been returned the previous day. I hate taking classes of a specific topic for this very reason. The library at my university is inadequate and doesn’t have nearly enough books to supply the need students have for them. So, we fight.

Anyway, I got my books (I’m writing an essay about Nazi science and doctors for my German History course) and worked for a few hours before heading home. The Hubs was just on his way out, so I then spent a good hour and a bit trying to remember and play some songs I had written in the past. I used to write music ALL the time but have stopped taking the time to do it. I have a book full of lyrics with no music written (I had it all in my head) and I’m trying to put the pieces back together again.

After that I ran some errands, yada yada, and met the Hubs at the university for a college BBQ. The food was pretty good, but not very many people came. After that we came home and I was in bed by 10:30 with a movie because I was exhausted (still recovering from my illness).

Saturday began with the Hubs’ visit to Hair by Wifester (an extension of Hair by Hubster) as he wanted his hair cut and he hates paying $15 to get it cut every 6 weeks as he has the fastest growing hair known to man. He has been bugging me to cut his hair since we got married but I’ve always felt uncomfortable doing it, I mean, if I wreck it then I would feel SO bad. However, I finally gave in yesterday and I think I did a dang good job! He’s happy so that’s all that matters!

After that the Hubs and I set out on a mission to buy new mittens. In my errand running on Friday I had somehow misplaced one of my favourite mittens.
I love these mittens. I found them for $5 at a kiosk in November and they perfectly match my scarf and hat that I usually wear. They are warm. They are cute. And they are knit, which I love. However, these mittens don’t seem to love me as they keep disappearing. That little one on the left has now disappeared 3 times. Once in my office at school, once in a friend’s car, and most recently, it disappeared on Friday. As the Hubster and I waited at the university for the BBQ to start I showed him some of my purchases, and in my bag I found only one mitten. We searched my office (as it has hid there before)–nope. We searched the hallway and bus stop–nope. I even had the bus driver who drove me to school radio the other bus I had been on that day to check if I had left it there–nope. It looked like it had really run away this time.

So, after his appointment at Hair by Wifester, the Hubs and I set out to buy some new mittens. We started at the same mall that I had purchased them in November, but unfortunately I forgot that in retail seasons it’s now early summer. Flip flops and bathing suits were now where my mittens were. We did get some great deals at Old Navy though! I got two tank tops that I love–they look fabulous over a white long sleeved shirt. We also found a sweater for the Hubs for 4.99–seriously, can you get any better than that? The best deal though was that we found cute (and warm) black scarves for 99 cents. Did I mention that I heart Old Navy?

So, the mitten hunt continued. We then went to the other mall in town–the one I used to work at that is completely dying–to see if there were any there. Nope. So, we decided we would check one last place… Walmart. I had been to Walmart running errands on Friday and it had been my last stop. So, we walked from the mall (it’s about 3 blocks) and in that time it started to snow. Like CRAZY. I hadn’t brought a hat with me, so I thought I’d be inventive and wrap my scarf around my head. However, apparently I looked hilarious as all you could see were my angry, angry eyes (I was angry that the sky had vomited non-stop for 3 days now and that I had not brought a hat). This is an example of how hard it was snowing:
Guess what time this picture was taken. Guess. I bet you’re thinking… 8pm based on how dark it is. Try TEN-THIRTY AM. haha There was SO much snow you could hardly see. This is what we walked though. And this is what I looked like:
Yes, I really was that happy about being in the snow. haha

ANWYAY. So we finally made it to Walmart, and on a whim I decided to check the lost and found there before looking to buy new ones. After waiting in line for 10 minutes (I hate Walmart) I asked the lady at the customer service desk, and, lo and behold, there was my mitten!!! Someone actually turned it in!! To whoever you are–love love love! So now my mittens are reunited and I am a happy woman once again.

Well, the Hubs and I finally made it home and took some shelter from the storm and Too Kool and his girlfriend, [Phee], came up to visit. We went out for dinner at this little “mom & pop” type restaurant in town and the food was pretty good at the time (not so much when Too Kool and I were both pretty sick about 4 hours later… haha). While the boys blew their brains out playing Xbox 360, Phee and I baked cookies then collapsed on the bed and fell asleep to I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. haha!

All in all, it was a good, albeit busy weekend. I’m not looking forward to next week’s madness… *sigh*

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