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I give you the Canadian winter.I borrowed this photo from Spart… this is actually from Btown (where she lives) and it looked like they got a wee bit more snow than we did. However, we still got our fair share:
So, it was a ‘snow day’. If I have any readers from warmer climates, that means that the sky has vomited enough snow that the roads become impassable and too dangerous to venture on because there is simply too much snow everywhere. It’s almost ironic… the first day that I DON’T have classes on Thursdays, as well as the FIRST day I was supposed to start working at the school, the whole city shuts down. *sigh* haha The funniest part is, they just cleared our parking lot yesterday. It was so bare that you could see pavement. And now… this. haha

I did decide to be productive today though. I scoured my fridge and completely cleaned it out. I am proud to say that I have a sparkly, fresh fridge. :) I also decided to vacuum and give my kitchen floor a thorough cleaning. My little kitchen is much more pleasant to be in now. :)

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