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New Look (again)*

So… what do you think?

I was bored tonight and decided to give my wee blog a bit of a face lift! Seeing as it’s been hideously cold here for the past few days I thought I’d go with a warmer look. :) For those who have already voted once (and perhaps twice) in my poll, I’m sorry… when I added the new template it deleted everything off and I had to start from scratch. Please vote again, and I promise it will be the last time!

So this has been this evening’s project for me. Today was pretty uneventful… we got our new freezer [our old one died… :(] and did some grocery shopping. Aside from that I’ve really taken it easy today and it has been GREAT. I am loving this wee break from the usual madness of the week.

Anyway, I’m wiped. I’m off to finish Sleepless in Seattle and fall asleep. Have a lovely evening! :)

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