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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know I’m technically a day late, but the Hubs and I had a very busy day yesterday and so decided to celebrate today instead! The Hubs bought me these beautiful flowers (I love roses), wrote me an amazing card [as he always does… :)] and has been absolutely wonderful all week. We had originally planned to go out for dinner together, but in the end we decided to stay in and make dinner together. He cooked a fabulous steak, and I handled the vegetables. It was dee-licious. After dinner we curled up on the futon and watched the first half of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The Hubster has really been into Westerns lately, and I have to admit… I’m kind of loving them too. He prefers Clint Eastwood to John Wayne, and I think I have to agree. I’ll need to see some more John Wayne films to make a definite decision though.

Anyway, I’m not really into the whole Valentine’s high-dramaness, but I like to spend some time together to mark the day! I can’t believe that this was our 4th one together… holy toot. Where does time go?

I have one more cute story to share about V-day. As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was my first day in the classroom with my little grade 2’s. I went back again today and actually ended up teaching the class because the supply didn’t show up to replace the regular teacher. It was an awesome feeling… I loved it! Anyway, while I was there yesterday all the kids exchanged their Valentine’s–you remember, the decorated paper bags, the treats & Valentines for the WHOLE class, etc etc–and obviously because I was new the kids did not have Valentines for me. So while I was there today, this little sweet boy came shyly up to me, tugged on my sweater, and said:

“I felt bad that I didn’t have a Valentine for you yesterday so I made you one last night. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Seriously. If freaking school board policies on hugging children weren’t so strict I would have scooped that little boy up in my arms. It was SO sweet. The best part was that he had heard my name wrong yesterday when the teacher announced it. And so, my Valentine read:HOW CUTE IS THAT? hahaha… I blurred out his name (obviously) but I had to leave mine as it’s really so far from my real name but it’s too funny. Grade 2, I heart you!

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