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I just bought an agenda and I am rather excited about it. Because my life is going to be insane until April, I have decided to be super crazy organized so that I don’t lose my mind or flunk out of school. My life might not seem overly full to other people, but for me– it will be packed. Beginning next week, I will:

1) Return to my job at the university. (10 hrs a week)
2) Begin my job with the school board. (6 hours a week, including travel time)
3) Return to my volunteer position at FC. (4-5 hours a week)
4) Hit the gym 2-3 times a week. (6 hrs a week, including travel time)
5) Resume classes. (Mon: 7 hrs / Tues: 2 hrs / Wed: 4 hrs / Thur: 2 hrs)
6) Church + calling. (4 hours a week)
7) Homework & reading for class. (10 – 13 hrs a week)
8) Sleep. (7 hrs a night [because it’s healthy] x 7 = 49hrs a week)
9) Travel. Because we don’t have a car, I probably spend 1 – 2hrs a day on the bus. (x7 = 14hrs a week).

So. Of the 168 hours we have each week, I have already filled 122hrs, leaving 6.57 hours free each day for little things like eating, bathing, housework, laundry, cleaning, napping, shopping, breathing and occasionally getting to see the love of my life. *sigh* Like I said, busy, busy, busy.

This is why I feel the need to be uber organized. The Hubs is going to take the lead on a lot of cooking this semester so I’m excited about that. He’s a really good cook and he wants to help ease my workload wherever he can! The lucky bum only has to be on campus 2 days a week this semester (mind you, they are lonnnng days) so he’ll have more time to help around the apartment. I am seriously hoping that the next 3 months will fly past and I’ll survive this madness.

Wish me luck!

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