Goals for 2008*

Well, seeing as there is only 48 minutes left in 2007, I thought I’d take a minute to evaluate how I did with my goals for 2007 and adjust them to fit the upcoming year. So, without any further ado…

1. 2007: Exercise daily (ideally take up running again…)
So… this didn’t really happen. haha! I was running for a while in the spring, but then life got in the way and I just kept forgetting. However, the Hubs and I are making a schedule to go to the gym together 3 times a week beginning THIS week so I am planning on getting in shape.
2008: Make a definite gym schedule with the Hubs and STICK TO IT. Ideally lose 10 pounds and increase endurance.

2. 2007: Read the Book of Mormon at LEAST once by myself
This didn’t entirely happen either. I got about halfway through by myself and the same in my readings with the Hubs. This is something that I WILL do this year, beginning tonight.
2008: Read the Book of Mormon at LEAST once by myself, and at least once together.

3. …and at LEAST once with the Hubster
**See answer for #2

4. 2007: Finish what I start.
I really don’t know how I did with this one. I know I’m horrible for beginning things then just forgetting about them… but I think I’m getting better at only choosing things that I know I’ll finish. I’ll keep this one so that I’ll continue to work on it.
2008: Finish what I start, or only start what I know I’ll finish.

5. 2007: Reduce chocolate intake.
Yeeeeaaaaaaaah… like this is going to happen. Haha! As I increased my skills in the kitchen this past year, I’ve developed a love for cooking. I’m going to change this goal from reducing chocolate intake to creating better eating habits.
2008: Eat better. Healthy food. Vive la fruit!!

6. 2007: Work towards having a flat stomach
Well, I was doing sit ups and ab exercises for a while, but that too fell by the wayside. This is something that I do REALLY want so I’m going to keep this one.
2008: Work towards having a flatter stomach.

7. 2007: Practice piano daily
I did not do this, and I wish I had. The Hubs spent so much money last Christmas buying me a beautiful piano and I haven’t used it as I should. This year my goal is to get off my computer and get on my piano. I don’t want to lose my skills.
2008: Choose piano over Peggle [addictive computer game that I love]

8. 2007: Stop procrastinating on my assignments/reading
I have done better with this, but only because I had an increased amount of activities that eat up my spare time. Being busy helps me manage my time better, but I can still do even better than I am right now.
2008: Stop procrastinating on my assignments/reading.

9. Volunteer at a high school
Now this is something that I didn’t do… but I DID get my job working for the Catholic board! So instead of volunteering, I worked instead. haha! As I begin teaching again this month, I’m going to change this to:
2008: Be an enthusiastic, effective and engaging teacher.

10. Keep in touch with people I really should be.
I was so-so on this one. I’ve decided that I don’t really enjoy long phone calls (unless it’s Material Girl as she’s just always fun to talk to.. haha!) as I can’t sit still long enough to enjoy them. Writing in here has been a great way to keep people updated on what’s going on in our lives, so for this year:
2008: Continue to write in my blog, and do so often.

So those were my goals for last year, and to them I think I’ll add:

1. Get into teacher’s college/grad program/decide what I want to do with my life.
2. Read more, especially non-school books. Any suggestions?
3. Go for walks. I love walking… and it’s a great way to clear my head. As the madness of the next 4 months begins I think it would be a great way for me to stay sane.
4. Learn a new skill.
5. Bake a pie from scratch.

Well, I think that’ll do it… I don’t want to overdo it and then be depressed next year should none of them work out… haha! I hope you’re all having a fabulous evening celebrating the new year–the Hubs and I are happily holed up at home after being away for 2 weeks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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