Beep Beep*

I just had what some might classify a “blonde” moment.

The Hubster and I are spending a quiet night at home tonight. We made dinner, cleaned a bit, watched a bit of a movie, and now the Hubs is on the phone with his parents. He decided that he wanted to call them on the new phone that he just installed on his desk (that we got on a wicked deal). We went to Home Depot earlier this week and bought the cable and parts he needed, then he spent an hour or so setting it all up. He’s hot when he’s handy. ;)

So we haven’t really had a chance to use it yet as we’ve either been out and about or hibernating completely from the outside world before our hectic schedules begin again on Monday. However, as he hasn’t talked to his parents since Monday he thought that he should call and see what was going on at home. To occupy myself while he chatted, I sat down on the computer and facebooked.

Shortly after he began his call, something started beeping intermittently at (what sounded like) random places in our apartment. We couldn’t figure out what it was–even his mom was trying to help through the phone. First we thought it could be our cell phones. Nope. Then we thought one of our fire alarms. Nope. Then we thought that maybe his new phone was causing some kind of interference somewhere. Nope. We were boggled. Boggled, I say!

It sounded like was was coming from the corner of the room where The Hubster keeps all his electronic stuff (ie- TV, xbox, surround sound big box, etc) So I sat down on the futon to wait for the next beeping. However, it was smarter than I was. I would sit and wait and wait and no beep would come. And as SOON as I sat back down at my computer and turned my back, *BEEP BEEP*. It took about 5 trips for me to realize that perhaps there was some correlation between the beeping and my returning to my computer chair. After looking at the websites I had open, I realized that the beeping was actually coming from a website I was on. Because my speakers are spaced out and up higher on a shelf, it made it sound as if the sounds were coming from across the room.

..but no. They were coming from me. *sigh* It’s just been one of those days. haha

This is the website I was on. I only opened it to see what a former high school teacher was up to as he furthers his education: *BEEP BEEP* Make sure your speakers are on, then scroll your mouse over the menu at the top on the right-hand side. Beep beep beep.

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