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I am writing my last essay of 2007… and I have absolutely NO drive to write it (hence my ending up writing in here instead). :) I can barely even call it an essay–it’s only 5 pages–it’s really just a big paragraph. The topic is even interesting, I’m writing about how the Nazi Archives have just finally been released to the public… way cool, right? I mean there are millions of documents that have been sealed since the end of the war that can now be accessed and studied… and yet, as interesting as it is to read about, I can’t even force myself to write about it. *sigh*

Here’s the problem: I’ve been out of class since last Thursday and it has been GLORIOUS. I’ve slept in past 7am (something I haven’t been able to do in 4 months), watched movies, baked, and just sat around doing NOTHING and loved every freaking minute of it. After the unbelievable business of this semester, doing nothing is wonnnnnnnnnderful. And I want it to continue without being interrupted by this dreadful essay-writing business. Harumph.

Aside from that… life has been good! I know I haven’t blogged yet this month, but I’ll have plenty of time for that in the coming weeks! Spart and I are off on a road trip up north on Monday and I’m so freaking excited that I can barely stand it. WOO! I haven’t seen most of my friends from home since I got married (2 and a half years ago) and they will all be there right now because it’s Christmas!! So I can hardly stand how long Monday is taking to get here! haha! Unfortunately, the Hubs is in exams until the 20th so he is unable to come with us… and I’ll miss him terribly. It’s always hard to be apart during the holidays! But, I will be back on the 23rd as he and I are spending Christmas with his family this year! It will be my first one–we’ve split Christmas between our families for the past 2 years, (but spent the bulk of time with my family), and this year we decided to spend until the 27th or so with his family. I’m getting kind of excited about it… even though I know I’ll miss my family, I’m curious to see what kind of traditions his family does over the holiday!

Other than that, I’ve done some baking, put up my tree, some some shopping, judged men by their salads and blared Christmas music like no tomorrow. It’s been a good December thus far. :)

Okay. Well I’m on page 2. Three pages left… WOO! Wish me luck (and motivation…)

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