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So. The Hubs and I wrote this a while back, but we just mailed them this week and wanted to give it a few days so people could receive them by mail before I posted it here. So, without any further ado, I give you our 2007 Christmas Letter:

Adventures of the Hubster & Wifester*

2007 Edition

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! …and all words of cheer—

We can hardly believe that Christmas is here.

We’re writing to you so that you may know,

That we’re still alive here in [insert town name here].


For more than 2 years we’ve enjoyed married bliss,

Though our families and friends we do love and miss.

We decided that now we are “married” enough,

To write Christmas letters and send you our love.


The Hubster (that’s *******) is still busy in school,

And The Wifester (that’s me) is still ever, so cool.

In Business and Computers the Hubs has learned to excel,

He loves what he’s doing, and he’s doing so well.


[The University] obviously noticed his excellent skills,

And offered him a job (so that we can pay bills!)

He works right on campus, so it isn’t too tough,

And he’s working with MACs and other cool stuff.


I am finally in my 4th year,

And that’s probably the root of my holiday cheer!

Studying English and History has been no easy ride,

But the thought of the end keeps me glowing inside.


I’m working 2 jobs so I stay rather busy,

Between school, work and life, I sometimes get dizzy.

But the Hubster is waiting when I get in late,

With a hug and a smile to keep my head on straight.


Aside from the work, our lives are still grand,

We still go for date nights and walk hand in hand.

The Hubs makes me dinner, and I clean his tub,

It’s sure safe to say that we’re still deep in love.


But now it is time to come to end;

All of our love and best wishes we send!

And so, to conclude, we just want to say:

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great holiday!!


Much Love,

Shop Girl & The Hubster


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