Exciting News*

Hair by Hubster*

I dyed my hair black.

That’s right. Shop Girl has black hair. Well, almost back hair. And, after 2 days, I think I like it. haha!

Now where did I get this new hair done? Well, I found this FABULOUS new salon in my bathroom called Hair by Hubster* and the stylist was a dream! Hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Really, you know you have the best husband in the world when he offers to dye your insanely thick hair for you and does an amazing job. It was really only supposed to be dark brown, but I think I left it in too long and it’s sort of black. I know it’ll fade though as the brown is already starting to show through, but I’m enjoying having black hair for the week or so that I’ll have it. I’ve never been black… I’ve done blonde, red and brown… so I guess I needed to add it to my repertoire anyway.

Anyway, let me know what you think! I’ll the Hubster’s booking agent should you request his hair services. :)

Shop Girl*

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