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Seeing as my blog is entitled “I heart my shoes” I figured that I should probably write a little bit more on the subject (of which I am somewhat of an expert). As summer is now in full force many people have put their shoes and boots away and dug out their sandals. To your left you see a “Mommy Sandal”.

The Mommy Sandal is predominantly worn by middle aged women who have kids, and need something cheap, and durable to wear. The result is the Mommy Sandal. Comprised almost entirely of an elastic material, they are flexible and uuuuuuuuugly. They are everywhere–I know you’ve seen them. I couldn’t find a better picture, but they are typically sold at Sears, Zellars and Walmart and come in a wide variety of colours, but beige seems to be the most popular.

My mom used to be a Mommy Sandal offender until (I believe) Peeah staged an intervention a few years back and threw out her Mommy Sandals and made her buy some new ones (which she loves so much more, by the way). Once you’ve become a Mommy Sandal offender it’s difficult to see the light and may need someone to intervene on your behalf. Do not resist. Once you have rid yourself of the Mommy Sandals you will no longer be under the power of their spell and will see them for their ugliness. If you are currently under the Mommy Sandal spell, go to your nearest Mommy Sandal-Free shoe outlet and buy something less… Mommyish. I believe in you.

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