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Well, I did it. After biking to the university last weekend with the hubster (and needing to stop on several occasions to rest or walk up hills) I made a goal to bike to the school without stopping. And today we did it! Because it is such a beautiful day out, after church the hubs and I realized that we simply could not sit inside any longer and decided to go for a nice bike ride. I wanted to try biking to the school again, so he took me on a flatter, albeit longer route, and after 10km and 44 minutes, I made it without dying or stopping once! It sounds like a small thing, but I’m actually really proud of myself. I’m slowly killing off this little old man that lives inside of me!

I’m going to try and keep a log of how many kilometers I bike, and I figure that after my ride back home (I’m currently at the school in my hubs’ computer lab) I’ll be at approximately 50km so far this summer. GO ME! WOOO! My legs kind of feel like jelly so we’re resting a bit before we go the 10km back home again. But I’ll keep you posted!

One funny thing before I end– yesterday the hubs and I went down to the “big” mall in our city to get my new blackberry (!!!!!!) activated and to do some shopping. We popped into Sears because I wanted to look at their jewelry (I’ve been wanting an “O” necklace) and being the geriatric city that it is, Sears was packed with old people. While I was searching through the jewelry section with the hubs, we heard a mighty rumbling from behind us. We both turned to look, and lo and behold, an old lady had let one rip while looking at watches and didn’t even realize it. The Hubster and I immediately separated to keep ourselves from laughing uncontrollably and I pondered why old people do this, and have decided that it must be one of 3 options:

1. They simply can’t hear the toot because their hearing is gone and assume that since they can’t hear it, no one else can. (My Grammy falls into this category…. it’s actually reeeally funny. haha)

2. They don’t even realize that they have tooted. (hey, when my bum cheeks get that old, who knows if I’ll feel anything down there either)

3. They simply don’t care and take an “I’m old and I’ll toot where I want to” attitude. After living so long, I’m sure it’s their right to toot loud and proud.

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