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I’d almost forgotten how appreciative I am of what plumbers do. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about my toilet saga… it’s really an exciting story though, and it looks like it’s going to have a REALLY happy ending!!

The Hubster and I have pretty much had problems in our bathroom since we moved into our apartment. As you know, we recently had the faucet replaced to our shiny new one that I love! But that was only after we endured a tap that never shut off and a broken one for a little while when our landlord attempted to fix it.

Anyway. So, the toilet. It’s been giving us trouble for a long time now. My favourite period was when the chain inside was broken and it made that really loud WWSHHHHHHHHing noise all the time. It was really nice to sleep to. Our landlord was able to fix that one after a couple of days by replacing the chain, so that was that.

Then we noticed that the base was broken. If you look at the bottom of your toilet (at the back) you’ll see how the base narrows at the front and gets wider at the back where it is secured to the floor. That wider part at the back is completely cracked off on the left hand side of ours. It doesn’t really leak or anything, so when we let our landlord know he said not to worry about it because it wasn’t an immediate problem. That was a couple of months ago.

Also, we had this little pipe thing on the wall just in between that little space we have between the toilet and the tub. It’s kind of leaked on and off since we moved in, but it usually stops after a couple of hours so I never worried too much about it. About a week and a half ago it started leaking and wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t very much, just a little trickle down the wall, but it was constant, so the towel I would place at the bottom to soak up the water would be soaked through by the end of each day. Not fun. We called our handy dandy landlord to come and take a look at it and his wife came up (our landlords are easily in their 60s). She took a look at it, said “Oh yeah… oh yeah. I see what you’re saying here… it’s leaking. Gonna have to stop that” and we signed some forms. The landlord came up 3 days later and tried to tighten the plug on the end, which resulted in more leakage. WOO. So, that was fun.

We went to spend the weekend with D&D and when I got home there was a huge puddle on my bathroom floor. After spending a fair amount of time cleaning up the floor, the hubs and I called the landlord, again. This time, we got a prompt reply. We called him last night, and the PLUMBER (that’s right, the PLUMBER, not my handy dandy landlord) came up and fixed my toilet! WOO! And what is even MORE exciting, is that he took a look at our cracked base and said it needed to be replaced, and called the other fix-it guy to come in and look at it. Now I’m sure that plumbers and fix-it guys must have some pull so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll tell my landlord that we need a new one. Because that would be great! New faucet and new toilet = new bathroom! I heart it!

So plumber man, today you are my hero. Bum crack and all.

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