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I’ve been meaning to write this story for a while, but I keep forgetting. The hubs reminded me again recently, so I thought I’d get it down before I forget again. We have a front door to our apartment (as most apartments do) and on this front door, I like to hang things. I think having something nice on your front door makes it all the more inviting, don’t you?

Anyway, as we were gathering things to move in together after the wedding, my mother-in-law threw us a wedding shower and gave us a ton of pretty basic things that one might need to start a home. Included among the gifts was a cute little little “Home Sweet Home” door hanger. It was one of the first things we put up when we got here, and it looks like this:

Nothing fancy, but it was cute and it did the job. However, the hubs and I came home one day and it was MISSING. Someone stole it off our door!! Seriously– who does that? We assumed it was some hooligan kids as there is a high school not far away (and I remembered a story my boyfriend in high school had once told me about when he had gone into an apartment building and stolen all the door hangers off the doors) and after a few days of being unimpressed, I got over it.

A few weeks later (that’s right, my door stood empty for a couple of weeks– how sad is that??) while visiting with my in-laws I found my replacement door hanger in a country craft store. I LOVE things that are toll painted, so really I think I love this one even more than the one we had before:

So. We had a new door hanger… and I was happy. We put it on the door (with extra strength double sided tape one the back haha) I almost put the tragedy of our stolen FIRST door hanger out of my mind when the hubs came home one day a couple of weeks later and announced that it he had found our door hanger… on someone else’s door. I went out to check, and sure enough, two doors down, was our little Home Sweet Home. I nearly grabbed it off and stole it back, but I wasn’t entirely sure that it was ours, and I didn’t want to stoop to that level. I’m pretty sure that it was just from the dollar store, so really, they could have bought their own… but it just seemed so peculiar that it appeared on that door, on our floor, a couple of weeks after we replaced ours. It’s fishy, I say. Verrrrrrrrry fishy.

So, that’s our story. I went out and snapped a picture of our hanger on someone else’s door (that’s right, that’s not our door on the background of “Home Sweet Home” hahaha) to document our loss. I’m still debating whether or not I should steal it back and put it on our door to see if anything would be said. haha I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

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