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I’ve been so out of it these past two weeks that I haven’t even written to announce that I AM DONE!!! Third year is so over. I finished my take-home exam at 11:45pm on Wednesday evening, and I have been on summer vacation ever since. :)

And what have I been doing with myself, you ask? Ab-sol-ute-ly nothing. And it’s been wonnnnnderful. I’ve been catching up on my shows, and watching movies! I just finished watching The Holiday and it has officially been added to my list of favourite films. SO good. The hubs and I have just been staying quiet… last night we finally started putting his mission photos into a big album. They’ve been sitting in a shoe box since he got home (which was almost 3 years ago) and so he organized them while I put them in the album. We make a good team. haha

Today it’s been rather rainy so we stayed in again… he’s tinkering with his computer and I just spent the past while organizing my closet. It’s one of my favourite activities. I love putting things in order (yes, I am an organized closet person) and rearranging my many, many pairs of shoes. :) I worked on the winter-summer transition today, putting my heavier sweaters up top on a shelf and brought out my more summery things. It’s always exciting. I heart it!

OH. And I almost forgot… are you ready for this?? …WE GOT OUR NEW TOILET. I KNOW!!!!! So exciting. It’s all white and shiny and new… and it doesn’t leak, which is the most exciting fact of all! All in all, it’s been a glorious week!! haha

Anyway, I’m off to bake some cookies. I’ve had a yen for homemade chocolate chip cookies and I finally have time to bake them!!

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