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My Own Set of Wings*

For my “Thoughtful Tuesday” entry this week, I’m going to use a poem I wrote for AKV when I was 14. I wrote it just after we’d left elementary school and had gone to different high schools and were beginning to grow apart. So, this is for her.

My Own Set of Wings*

We used to share a pair of wings,
Attached by a love for similar things.
We used to laugh and talk all day,
Even when there was nothing to say.
We’d eat popcorn and watch movies all night,
The next morning we’d be an awful sight!
I’ve cried on your shoulder, you’ve cried on mine too–
That’s probably what I miss most about you.
We’ve always shared an inseparable bond,
Since the beginning of “our” time had dawned.
But now you’re gone, and I’m still here.
Us growing apart is my greatest fear.
You’ve already grown your own set of wings,
I think I’ll wait and see what the future brings.
But if you’re ever lonely and have a minute to spare,
Just give me a call… I’ll always be there.
(For AKV, 2000)

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