Complaining about something*

Hit By A Truck*

…well, figuratively speaking.

Remember that cold I was complaining about a couple of days ago? Well, it attacked last night with full force and knocked the wind out of me. I felt fine all day, then when I got home my body died. I ached everywhere and my nose wouldn’t stop running. I had a horrible sleep last night because I woke up every 15 minutes because a) I had trouble breathing, or b) to blow my nose. It was faaaaantastic. I still felt rotten this morning so I stayed home, and thankfully my professor canceled my evening class so I didn’t have to trek to campus at all today. I did run out to Walmart to load up on drugs (the lovely make-my-symptoms-go-away kind) and while I was out the sky opened and a blizzard fell out. I can’t remember the last time I have seen it snow that hard. And then it rained. So I’m really hoping that it will be a snow day tomorrow and I won’t have to call in sick to teach. Boo.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m really excited to take my extra-drowsy meds to make my nose stop running and make me blissfully sleep. G’night all!

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