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I’m pretty excited. I have to get a police check done and go for training on Friday and then I’m good to go! HOO HAH!! I was kind of stressed that I wouldn’t be able to get it earlier though… oh what a mess. Here is what happened: I was contacted by the board early this afternoon and told that I got the job! So, naturally I was thrilled. Then they told me that I had been stationed at a school outside the city in one of the neighbouring towns. I responded that on my application I had specified that I could only work in the city because we don’t own a vehicle, to which the lady responded, “Oh.. yes you did. Unfortunately there are only a certain number of positions available and they’ve all been matched. We’ll try and see if something opens but we may not be able to rematch you.” So… I was a little upset. I went from having the job to not having it in less that 2 minutes.

Thankfully, I took my cell to seminar and the lady called me back a couple of hours later and told me that they had found me a school closer to home. I looked it up and it’s right on a bus route so it’ll even be easy to get to! Life is good.

On a slightly less exciting note, I found out that we didn’t get the frosh co-chair positions. But, they went to a group that will work hard and put together a good frosh so I’m happy. It just sucks that Dee, Sar and I won’t get the chance to work together.

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