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Busy Weekend*

I haven’t posted since Wednesday? Tsk tsk tsk. I’ve been slacking! Well, I’ve actually been really busy. Thursday is my insane school day where I am on campus from 10am-10pm, and I had my training at the school board on Friday! I’m very excited to start this tutoring program. I didn’t realize that I’d actually be teaching, of sorts. I have a lesson manual and books for my students (I’ll be working with 6 at a time) and I work with them for 2 hours. I think this will be an awesome experience for me. I’m pumped.

Today I worked at Payless for the first time in 6 weeks. haha… I love how part-time my job is. I also love that nothing changes– there was almost nothing new in the store. Oh Payless.

Tomorrow the Hubster and I are going on a very ‘married’ outing… haha! There’s another young married couple in our ward that we’ve gotten somewhat close with, and they’ve invited us over for lunch after church tomorrow. I’m excited. We’ve never really hung out with another married couple, mostly because all the ones in our ward are 50 years older than us. :) WOO!

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