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I meant to write last night, but the Hubster and I ended up spending a quiet evening together so I didn’t get a chance! The job interview went very well (I think)… I met with the program coordinator and a principal of one of the participating schools. They seemed very impressed with my involvement (present, and what I’ll be doing next year) in my organization at school. Anyway, I find out sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted!

As well, I had my interview for ISW today with Sar & Dee. We met in front of a panel of about 9 people and they questioned us for a full hour. It was kind of exhausting… but they were very thorough. Again, I think it went well… and I’m DYING to get it. I want this so badly it’s not even funny. Again, there was one group who can’t present until next Wednesday, so I’ll be waiting un agony until next Wednesday evening. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

I try very hard not to judge people. I know I am far from perfect, but sometimes I see things that bother me so much that I can’t help it. It’s horrible, I know. But what can I say… I’m human. My city seems to have a high number of teenage/young single mothers. I guess it’s sort of “normal” for cities like mine… we had the same thing in the town where I grew up. And because we are currently vehicularly-challenged we take the bus, as do all these young mothers. Anyway, about a month ago I saw something that bothered me so much I almost said something to this woman but held my tongue. She had a young boy in a stroller (not strapped in, might I add) in a red snow suit. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that the weather was mild for January, but still cold enough. It was below zero degrees on this day. Well this little boy was out with his mom at a bus stop in bare feet. We waited outside for almost 10 minutes and the little boy had nothing on his feet. Nothing. I felt so bad.

Well, last night I saw this same woman and this same little boy on the bus again. Our weather has since become significantly colder, often dipping to 25 below after dark. The boy was in the same red snow suit, with only a thin pair of socks on. I should say, HALF on. There was about a 2 inch gap of skin between the suit and the sock. And he had nothing on his hands… my heart just went out to the kid.

I had a conversation with some members of my organization at the conference last Saturday after watching a First Responder in-training kick a baby doll across a floor. I honestly feel that a parenting class should be mandatory in high schools. And it shouldn’t be a “bird”course. Then at least these young mothers and parents would have some basic skills and might help their child have a slightly better situation. I just did some quick research on the internet and read that there has been a decline in the teenage birth rate, which I was quite relieved to hear. But I also came across something I can’t even fathom it’s so unbelievable. I found out that the youngest woman to ever give birth was FIVE YEARS OLD. OH MY GOSH. That is INSANE. You can read about it here: As if. I can’t even imagine. That poor girl.

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